The Advantages of Shredders

Cardboard Shredders have a number of advantages:

  • They reduce the amount of waste you have to store onsite.
  • They save money on your waste charges you can get rid of your cardboard recycling bins.
  • They provide you with a valuable source of packaging material, which, in terms of protection, would be superior to bubble wrap.#
  • They reduce the amount you have to spend on bubble wrap, which in light of the recent worldwide increases on the price of plastics, is a significant saving.
  • As a very environmentally friendly option, you are actively reducing your Carbon Footprint the Carbon Miles of waste cardboard is significant, as it is usually exported to be recycled.
  • You can not only replace your plastic packaging requirements, but replace them with an environmentally friendly option, especially in view of the current trends requiring plastic waste legislation coming down the road.
  • Customer are becoming more environmentally conscious and by using a Cardboard Shredder to create your void-fill packaging, you can show them your commitment to being environmentally friendly.
  • These machines are extremely easy to use.
  • When you consider what you spend on recycling bins and bubble wrap or packing peanuts, these machines will quickly pay for themselves these machines can be leased so the cost per week can be less than you are currently paying for your bins and plastic packaging.

We have a range of Cardboard Shredder Machines suitable for small users all the way up to large volume Shredders to suit every need.

We offer leasing of these machines starting from as little as €22 per week and once the lease is paid off, the machine is yours to keep!

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Icon for delivery_box_2Why do I need a Cardboard Shredder?

Are you a business that sends products to customers? Do you pay for (and have to store) bulky plastic voidfill? Do you get your products delivered to you in cardboard boxes that you have to pay waste disposal charges to get rid of? Do you want to let your customer know that you’re taking your recycling responsibilities seriously by sending their orders to them packed with eco-friendly shredded cardboard?

If you answer “yes” to any of the above questions, you need to contact Box Depot to make the best decision you’ll ever make!

Icon for delivery_box_2Which Cardboard Shredder should I Buy?

Every Irish business is unique and has something unique to offer! Your business may have made the excellent eco-friendly and sustainable decision to purchase a Cardboard Shredder, but you’re not sure which one will be best for your business.

At Box Depot, we have a wide range of Cardboard Shredders available. Just phone us at 01-4507272 and we will be happy to discuss your unique requirements and offer a unique Cardboard Shredder solution just for you and your particular business needs.

Icon for delivery_box_2Can I Try before I Buy?

We understand that changing the way your business operates can be a daunting prospect. You may be questioning how it will affect the productivity of your staff, or whether you’ll be left waiting to send your orders out while you shred cardboard to pack them, leading to dispatch delays. Or perhaps you’re unsure where in your facility you’ll operate your Cardboard Shredder.

That is why we are more than happy to loan a Cardboard Shredder for a trial period, so that you can see firsthand how it will revolutionise your workflow (and bank balance!)

Icon for delivery_box_2Will this be a Big Financial Investment?

Choosing to purchase a Cardboard Shredder is going to be a Big Investment ... in visibly demonstrating to your customers (and competitors!) just how sustainable and eco-friendly your business is!

You may think it will be a Big Financial Investment, but remember that you will inevitable not need to purchase and store bulky plastic voidfill any longer. Your waste charges could even drop by 70% or more as you do not have to pay to dispose of your waste cardboard.

All our Cardboard Shredders are very competitively priced, and we even offer an option to lease a machine for as little as €21 per week.

This could be the Best Investment you will ever make!

Icon for delivery_box_2How soon will my Cardboard Shredder be Delivered?

As Cardboard Shredders are large machines, our standard Next-Working-Day Delivery option on our website does not apply.

Once you have decided on the Cardboard Shredder Model you want, we will schedule a delivery appointment with you. Our technicians will personally deliver your Shredder to you and ensure it is installed and operating correctly. We will also offer training to those who will be working with the Shredder to ensure their safety and confidence in operating it, should it be required.


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