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Making Ireland Greener!

Being eco-friendly can sometimes be hard ... being eco-friendly when you're a business can sometimes be harder!

Happily, you've found ShredPack and our range of packaging products that'll transform your business into the eco-friendly, sustainable, green business your customers are desperate to buy from!

All our Cardboard Boxes are once-used, recycled boxes (but are very clean!) and our ActivaPaper voidfill is a great alternative to bubble wrap.

Or perhaps you have too many cardboard boxes and need a Cardboard Shredder to manage your waste, create "free" voidfill and save your business actual money?

Our plastic products, including our mailing bags, pallet wrap and bubble wrap are manufactured from recycled plastics and can be recycled.

Or perhaps you are more concerned with your shipping costs, in which case we can introduce you to our BUBL Packaging which is not only lightweight, but can be reused multiple times, as well as saving up to 90% of your warehouse packaging storage space!

Whatever your sustainable packaging requirements, ShredPack are sure to have a solution to suit you!

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What our Customers Say ...

  • We've been making some changes to reduce negative environmental impact. One of our initiatives included the purchase of a Cardboard Shredder which chews up our waste cardboard & turns it into really useful voidfill for when we're packing goods for dispatch.
    The beauty of this investment is it pays for itself by reducing costs on traditional voidfill, not to mention easy-to-recycle when it gets to the end user!
    Can't recommend enough!
    5/5 William, SOMORA MOTOR PARTS, Dublin
  • Never mind eliminating damages during shipping, this Cushionpack CP316 is going to reduce our waste cardboard charges by at least €750 a year, as well as no need for expensive plastic packaging ... it will have paid for itself in less than a year and is a visible commitment to our customers in reducing plastic use!5/5 Andrew, WINE ONLINE, Dublin
  • Thank you to Jerry and all the staff for top notch service!5/5 Francis, FC SPARES Longford
  • As part of our ongoing work at DAF Trucks Ireland to reduce our environmental impact we invested in a Cardboard
    Shredder for our central warehouse.
    This turns cardboard waste into void fill packaging which has allowed us to eliminate unnecessary plastic bubble wrap use!
    Over 90% of cardboard received as part of incoming shipments is now reused by our team!
    5/5 Ken Browne, DAF TRUCKS IRELAND, Dublin

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CushionPack Cardboard Shredders


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Your one-stop-stop for Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Packaging!

At ShredPack, we specialise in once-used cardboard boxes, cardboard shredder machines and eco-friendly packaging for businesses across Ireland.


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