Advantages of Bubl Packaging


Bubl Packaging is an innovative and eco-friendly packaging solution that could significantly reduce a business's damaged-delivery rate.


Maximum Protection

Extremely durable plastic and a cushion of air gives maximum protection, reducing the incidence of damaged deliveries.

Minimal Storage Needed

Individual Bubl Bags may be purchased pre-inflated, but ordinarily Bubl is supplied uninflated, so requires much less storage space than traditional packaging.

Easy to Use

Set up is very easy. Packing can be done easily and quickly at work with an air compression unit, or even at home with just a straw!

Very Quick Packing Process

It takes just seconds to pack products ready for shipping - a fraction of the time compared to using traditional packaging.

Cost Effective

Bubl replaces the need for all the "traditional" packaging you would need, saving significant costs.

Reduce Shipping Charges

Traditional packaging can add weight to your parcels, increasing shipping charges from your courier. Because Bubl is mostly air (which doesn't weigh very much!) it could reduce your shipping charges, saving you money.

Environmentally Friendly

All Bubl products are reusable and are made from 100% recyclable materials.



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Icon for delivery_box_2Why use Bubl Packaging?

Bubl Packaging can be used for any product that requires protection during shipping. From mobile phones, computers, bottles to vehicle engines and stone statues, there is a Bubl Packaging solution!

Icon for delivery_box_2How much warehouse space is needed?

Delivered uninflated, Bubl Packaging takes up minimal warehouse space, in comparison to traditional packaging.

Only inflate it when you use it!

Icon for delivery_box_2How eco-friendly is Bubl Packaging?

Bubl Packaging employs air and 100% recyclable materials to provide maximum protection. An inflated Bubl Bag is approximately 2% plastic and 98% air, so very eco-friendly.

Icon for delivery_box_2How cost-effective is Bubl Packaging?

Bubl replaces the need for "traditional" packaging, saving significant cost.

Traditional packaging can add weight to parcels, increasing shipping costs. As Bubl is 98% air, it is sure to reduce your shipping charges.

Bubl's robust construction and innovative cushioning properties means that the cost of replacing damaged deliveries is significantly reduced, saving costs.


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