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    All the cardboard shredders offered at ShredPack are manufactured to the highest EU industry standards to give you peace of mind that your purchase will be a willing workhorse in your team. But even though a skilled worker never blames his tools (or so the saying goes!) sometimes things go wrong. The nature of Cardboard Shredders is that they are a machine with metal parts that are cutting cardboard ... and sometimes metal + cardboard have arguments ... resulting in necessary repairs! If your Cardboard Shredder is not working as well as it should, please contact us and we will get one of our Service Engineers to call to you. We would appreciate some guiding information regarding the fault you have: What is the make and model of your cardboard shredder? Approximately how old is your cardboard shredder? Is there power going to the cardboard shredder? Is the motor running but the cutters aren;t? Is your cardboard shredder more noisy than normal? Is your cardboard shredder jammed? The more information you can provide, the quicker our Service Engineers will be able to pinpoint the problem to get you and your cardboard shredder working at optimal levels again! Please contact us for more details.  


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