Why Should I Use Once-Used Cardboard Boxes?

Why Should I Use Once-Used Cardboard Boxes?

, by Maeve Reidy, 3 min reading time

Why should you use Once-Used Cardboard Boxes? Here's a few reason why this could be the most sustainable and eco-friendly decision you've made in a long time!

Generally speaking, there are two types of cardboard boxes available – pristine, brand-new, never-been-used cardboard boxes … and what are known as “Once-Used” cardboard boxes that have already been made and used, but are so strong and robust that they can be used again!

Here at ShredPack, we love a Once-Used Cardboard Box … and there are a number of reasons why you should too!



Manufacturing cardboard boxes is an expensive business. Not only is there the cost of brand new cardboard (which is fluctuating wildly since The Pandemic meant everybody needed their online purchases delivered in boxes!) but the manufacturer also needs to make a metal template (called a “die”) for each and every different size of box they make. This is often the most expensive component in the price of a box.

When you choose our Once Used Boxes, you cut out a lot of the manufacturing cost (seeing as they’ve already been manufactured!) Cardboard boxes are strong and durable, and therefore shouldn’t be considered a single-use product. In fact, heavy duty cardboard boxes can be re-used a number of times before they are ready to be recycled. And this often means that the price of a Once-Used Cardboard Box will be at least half the price of a similar-sized brand new box, saving you money!

Here at ShredPack, all our boxes are checked twice – when they first arrive into our warehouse, and again when they are being packed to go out in an order. Only the best quality are sold to our customers, and we recycle any boxes that are deemed to be “not good enough”.



Brand new boxes have to be manufactured, which means there can be a delay of weeks while waiting for the manufacturer to make the template/die and then construct the boxes. A used box already exists, so it is held in stock ready for you to order. Here at ShredPack, we enjoy building long term relationships with our box suppliers, which means that many of our boxes are actually available 12 months of the year, due to regular supply.


Help the Environment

Recycling is definitely preferable to sending cardboard to landfill, but it still has environmental consequences. The process of recycling cardboard requires vast amounts of water and energy, and produces large volumes of CO2. Cardboard boxes cannot be re-made with 100% recycled board so new pulp must be added to the mixture ... resulting in more trees being cut down.

In comparison, when you Choose to Reuse, you completely cut out this harmful process while reducing the global need for new cardboard boxes to be manufactured.

why be eco-friendly


Surplus/End of Line Boxes

Although we recommend once used cardboard boxes as the most eco-friendly choice of cardboard box, there is another sustainable alternative – new Surplus, and End of Line boxes.

New surplus and end of line boxes are cardboard boxes which have been specifically made for a business for a line of products but are no longer needed. Reasons for this might be the products have been discontinued or they have had a size change, or the business has sadly gone out of business. Boxes like this tend to enter the waste stream without even having had one use, which we think is extremely wasteful.

Why Should I Use Once-Used Cardboard Boxes?


When you choose the boxes available at ShredPack, you are saving money, eliminating lead times and getting packaging that is better for the planet!

But don’t just get boxes! We have an ever-growing range of Eco-Friendly packaging available that will complement your Once-Used Cardboard Boxes!

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