What is The Most Important Roll in your Workplace?

What is The Most Important Roll in your Workplace?

, by Maeve Reidy, 4 min reading time

Your workplace is full of targets you need to achieve: sales, performance, logistics ... the list is inexhaustible! But which is the most important roll?

From the first moment of your working week until you gratefully drop to the sofa for a couple of days rest, your workplace is full of targets: did you get enough sales this week? Is your logistics chain working adequately? Did you perform to the best of your ability?

And then there are external pressures ... like how eco-friendly and sustainable are your products and work practices!

With all these pressures, what would you consider is the most important roll in your workplace?

Here at ShredPack, we think that honour should go to your sugarcane toilet paper roll(s)!!

You might not think that toilet paper has a big part to play when it comes to the environment (or your working day!) but it does. Traditional toilet paper production causes quite a strain on our planet, heavily relying on deforestation and water consumption. The solution? Finding high quality, eco-friendly alternatives.

That’s where sugarcane toilet paper comes in; it’s one of the most sustainable options out there. Switching to sugarcane rolls is just one way that you can make more sustainable choices for your workplace and the planet.

Why is traditional Toilet Paper so bad for the Environment?

Let's face it. These days Loo Roll is an Essential. It’s no surprise, therefore, that demand for it is high. However, high demand means high production, and that is  spelling disaster for the natural world.

Here are just three of the many ways that traditional toilet rolls are an Eco-Nightmare:

Roughly 27,000 trees are chopped down every day to produce toilet paper. That fact is pretty shocking in itself... but when you do the maths, it equals almost 10 million trees a year!

The production of just one roll of toilet paper requires almost 272 litres of water in order to grow and process the wood. When it comes to yearly consumption, that means over 13,000 litres of water for just one person’s paper supply!

The majority of traditional toilet rolls are wrapped in non-recyclable plastic or plastic-coated packaging, causing problems when it comes to recycling. Plastic packaging adds to the global plastic waste problem and can also pose a risk to wildlife if not properly disposed of.

The good news is that change is on the horizon, and making small adjustments to our daily habits is a great place for us to all start doing our bit for the environment. Businesses have picked up on this too, introducing more eco-friendly alternatives to traditional toilet paper in the workplace. You’ve probably already come across rolls made from bamboo and recycled paper – but what about sugarcane?


Sugarcane Toilet Paper - The Most Important Roll in your Workplace!

As well as providing us with that delicious sweet, sweet sugar, sugarcane is also a sustainability SuperHero. It plays an impressive part when it comes to protecting trees and forests – here’s how!

We doubt it is a surprise for you to learn that sugarcane toilet paper is sourced from ... sugarcane! This means there's no wood pulp, so no deforestation, no disrupted eco-systems and no habitat destruction.

Sugarcane grows extremely quickly. It reaches maturity in less than one year (compared to 30 years for trees!) In addition it doesn't need as much water to grow.

Sugarcane toilet paper is made from a by-product, which means very little goes to waste. Sugarcane is grown primarily for the sugar-rich juices inside, so the fibres (known as "bagasse") left over would generally be disposed of. Sugarcane toilet paper uses this bagasse, making them even more sustainable than bamboo!

Processing the sugarcane (and bagasse) requires far fewer steps than processing trees to make toilet paper, making the process more streamline and less fuel intensive. This has knock-on effects, making sugarcane toilet paper possibly even more cost-effective than your traditional toilet paper!

Our sugarcane toilet paper is made from sustainably sources sugarcane and is packaged in wrappers that are 100% plastic-free and easy to recycle. But that's not enough for us: when comparing a roll of the toilet paper that you normally use with our sugarcane toilet paper, you'll find that each roll of sugarcane is twice as long as other brands (nobody ever likes to be caught short!) These super-compact rolls limit the number of journeys we have to make, which keeps those carbon emissions in check during transportation!

Plus, they’re super high quality too. The naturally short fibres of sugarcane means that our sugarcane toilet paper is ultra-soft and gentle on your skin.

They break down just 4 seconds after flushing, so there’s no worrying about blocked drains with the added inconvenience, headaches and costs of that!

Still not 100% convinced? Contact ShredPack to find out just how valuable this Very Important Roll could be to your workplace!


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