The Facts about... Voidfill

The Facts about ... Voidfill

, by Maeve Reidy, 4 min reading time

Voidfill doesn't have to mean bubble wrap or those hateful(!) packing beans/peanuts. There are a lot more eco-friendly alternatives out there these days!

Once upon a time, a long long time ago, man realised that stuffing something into the space inside a box, sack or flagon stopped the contents rattling around and getting damaged!

And in that moment of pure genius Void Fill was invented!

These days, void fill comes in many forms, so let's have a look at what is available out there ...

Visit any antiques market, and you'll probably find some old used newspapers ready to be wrapped around a pair of mantlepiece porcelain dogs or a glass vase.

Even looking at the most basic of void fill products - bubble wrap was originally invented as a wall covering!

So what other types of void fill, especially eco-friendly paper-based, can be used?

The Facts about... Voidfill

Tissue Paper: At the very lightest end of the scale is tissue paper, or acid-free tissue paper with a pH value of 7 (neutral) that won't discolour or tarnish precious metals or fabrics. It is tempting to use coloured tissue paper for presentation parcels, but take care as some dyes can "bleed" their dye onto certain products and therefore spoil goods.

News Offcuts: Also known as packing paper, this is the unprinted unused version of old newspapers. The whole point of using this rather than newspapers, is that there are no inks that will transfer onto the products it wraps. News offcuts are not as soft as tissue, but is better for bulking up in large voids and is more resistant to tearing or puncturing than tissue.

Kraft Paper: Kraft paper is more robust again than news offcuts. For even a small business, a space-saving Voidstar dispenser can make producing void fill very time-effective.

Honeycomb Wrap: For those looking for an eco-friendly alternative to bubble wrap (that takes literally centuries to decompose!) Honeycomb Wrap is a game-changing option! This space-saving paper with an innovative honeycomb pattern can expand to wrap around virtually any product. The Activa Dispenser can save up to 75% in storage space and the wrap is 100% biodegradable, compostable and recyclable.

Shredded Cardboard: With fantastic cushioning properties, shredded cardboard should be everybody's First Choice for void fill! And if you are a business, an absolute no-brainer is a Cardboard Shredder that creates free void fill material from used cardboard. If you have a lot of waste cardboard boxes from inbound goods and are paying money for brand new void fill, you need to stop now! Instead of spending time baling your used cardboard and then paying for it to be recycled, you could be making your own free void fill! Depending on the products you are using void fill for, you can choose a Cardboard Shredder Machine that makes protective matting for carton lining, interleaving and wrapping. Or you can choose a machine that cuts the corrugated board into narrow loose fill strips.

Bubl Packaging: Or perhaps you pride yourself on your use of innovative eco-friendly packaging solutions for your business? You can't really get anything more eco-friendly than fresh air! So our range of Bubl Packaging products will put you ahead of your competitors! These 100% recyclable and reusable plastic pods simply inflate with air to keep your products secure during transport. And they can require up to 90% less warehouse space to store!

It is great to see so many eco-friendly void fill options available. Bubble wrap and loose fill packing beans or "peanuts" (how to blight the environment with the slightest sneeze!) may have had their uses in the past, but thankfully there are viable, sustainable, eco-friendly alternatives available these days!

Why not contact ShredPack today to find out how you can improve on the voidfill products you use in your business?

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