Sustainable Packaging can be an Asset to your Business!

Sustainable Packaging can be an Asset to your Business!

, by Maeve Reidy, 2 min reading time

The days of businesses ignoring how eco-friendly and sustainable the packaging they use is coming to an end. Consumers are demanding not only products that are manufactured in a green and sustainable way, but also want the protective packaging used to be eco-friendly as well!

Sustainable packaging can be a valuable brand asset for companies, as it can help to differentiate a brand from its competitors and build consumers’ trust.

It’s a great decision to do the right thing for the environment and improve your business at the same time ... in more ways than you might think!

Here are 5 reasons why sustainable packaging can add value to your brand:

Attract a New Generation of Consumers

People are becoming more and more concerned about the environmental impact generated by the products they use; which means they are more likely to purchase from companies that prove they are committed to sustainability. Using sustainable packaging can attract and retain customers who are looking from eco-friendly options.

Enhance your Brand Reputation

Sustainable packaging can make your business shine by positioning your brand as a Champion of Environmental and Social Responsibility. Organisations that are able to "do the right thing" - and offer consumers new options to do their part in a convenient way - immediately stand out as leaders.

Comply Easily with Evolving Regulations

With new EU Plastic Packaging Regulations set to come into force soon, switching to sustainable packaging can help businesses remain compliant with regulations relating to packaging, labelling and environmental claims. The EU has been working on far-reaching directives towards sustainability standards ... why not get ahead of the curve and take action to incorporate eco-friendly packaging into your business as soon as possible?!


Embracing sustainable packaging can also encourage companies to innovate and develop new practices which can drive the efficiency and effectiveness of the packaging processes ultimately increasing the overall value of their brands.

Employee Engagement

Everybody likes to feel appreciated ... and your employees are no different! Changing your packaging from traditional, messy, space- and time-consuming processes to sustainable, cost-effective, space-saving eco-friendly packaging can also see a positive impact on employee engagement ... your business could also attract a new generation of talent who are looking for companies that align with their values!


If you thought committing to the planet’s future has to come at the expense of your profits or market success, think again. Times are changing and ShredPack can allow you to easily find the best low-impact option for your products.

ShredPack offer an extensive range of eco-friendly packaging solutions ... from Cardboard Shredders that will convert your waste cardboard into useful voidfill to fully recyclable Air Cushioning Packaging, to space-saving bubble wrap alternatives!

Contact ShredPack to find out all the sustainable packaging options available for your business!



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