What Does "Sustainability" Mean?

What Does "Sustainability" Mean?

, by Maeve Reidy, 6 min reading time

Everybody loves a Buzzword! And Sustainability is a real Buzzword these days! But are you sure you know what Sustainability really means?

Sustainability has become a buzzword in recent years as people become more aware of their actions and decisions' impact on the environment.

The choices we make can have a significant impact on the world around us, and one way we can make a positive difference is by choosing sustainable products.

sustainability is better for the planet

What Does Sustainability Mean?

Sustainability is an important concept that is about maintaining the balance between our current use of resources and the environment. It seeks to secure a healthy and equitable future for generations to come. This means that we should be mindful of how our actions today will impact tomorrow, adopting methods and practices which are more socially responsible, environmentally friendly, and economically viable.

In terms of the environment, sustainability involves reducing emissions and pollution by gradually transitioning to renewable energy sources in order to reduce the negative impacts of climate change. It also includes conserving natural resources such as water, forests and wildlife in order to protect habitats and support biodiversity. On a social level, sustainability promotes fair wages and job security while seeking to reduce poverty, inequality, unemployment and discrimination. Economically it encourages us to invest in green technology and infrastructure that can help create jobs while promoting economic growth that is not dependent on unsustainable practices or finite resources.

Overall, sustainability is about creating better communities now while preserving our planet's resources for the future. By investing in renewable energy sources rather than finite non-renewable sources we can ensure that future generations can enjoy sustainable access to the same quality of life without having to sacrifice their own environment for it.

What Makes a Product Sustainable?

Sustainable products are those that are designed, manufactured, and used in a way that minimises their impact on the environment. They are produced using materials and methods that reduce waste, conserve resources, and promote long-term sustainability. Sustainable products are often made with renewable resources, such as sugarcane, bamboo, hemp, or recycled materials. They are also designed to be durable and long-lasting, reducing the need for frequent replacement and further reducing waste.

Why are Sustainable Products So Important?

Sustainable products are important for several reasons. First and foremost, they help to reduce our impact on the environment. By choosing products that are produced sustainably and use renewable resources, we can help to conserve natural resources and reduce pollution. This, in turn, helps to mitigate the effects of climate change and protect the planet for future generations.

In addition to their environmental benefits, sustainable products can also have social and economic benefits. Many sustainable products are produced locally, supporting small businesses and communities. They may also provide fair wages and safe working conditions for workers involved in their production. By choosing sustainable products, we can support businesses and communities that prioritise sustainability and social responsibility.

Sustainable Products Available at ShredPack

Sustainable products are an important way for individuals to make a positive impact on the environment and promote long-term sustainability. By choosing products that are produced sustainably, use renewable resources, and minimize waste, we can help to reduce our impact on the planet and support businesses and communities that prioritise sustainability and social responsibility. By incorporating sustainable products into our daily lives, we can make a difference and live a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

At ShredPack, we may sell primarily business packaging, but our range of products are chosen with care to be as eco-friendly, sustainable and cost-effective as possible!

Cardboard Shredders: These fantastic machines can take your waste cardboard (no need for disposal fees!) and turn it into really useful voidfill. You may even find that you have no need to use damaging plastic-loaded bubble wrap or packing beans any more!

Once-Used Cardboard Boxes: It is very tempting for a business owner to succumb to the vanity of thinking they need custom-made or custom-printed cardboard boxes to ship their products. But there is one VERY important thing you need to think about ... why did your customer buy your product in the first place?!

Bubl Air Cushion Packaging: What could be more eco-friendly and sustainable than air? This is central to Bubl's Air Cushioning Packaging Systems! Suspend your products in a protective cushion of air, surrounded by recycled and easily recyclable HDPE film.

Activa Wrap: An innovative paper honeycomb design makes Activa Wrap a really great alternative to traditional bubble wrap. Just one roll of Activa Wrap that can sit on a countertop is equivalent to two full bales of bubble wrap! And as it is made of paper, it can be easily recycled unlike plastic.

Warehouse Shelving: Yes, it's not packaging, but every business needs shelving! Our range is from MetalSistem in Italy who manufacture extremely robust and cost effective shelving systems while being wholly committed to being eco-friendly and sustainable - their manufacturing facilities are 75% energy self-sufficient through the use of 12,000 solar panels on their 4 manufacturing facilities. In addition, their self-imposed manufacturing processes allow for zero emissions and zero environmental impact! Truly impressive!

Sugarcane Washroom Supplies: Again, it's not packaging(!) but everybody needs it! Our sugarcane toilet paper and hand towels are made from sugarcane by-product (bagasse) that would ordinarily be burned. Sugarcane is an amazingly sustainable product - one crop can be harvested multiple times. And the sugarcane plant itself is an eco superstar as it can convert a huge amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere!


 As a business, it may be daunting to truly embrace sustainability. Rest assured that ShredPack are more than happy to assist you with your requirements!

If you need sustainable business packaging solutions, contact ShredPack to find out more about all the amazing (and cost-effective!) solutions out there!


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