Keep Your Staff Smiling with Sugarcane Toilet Paper!

Keep Your Staff Smiling with Sugarcane Toilet Paper!

, by Maeve Reidy, 5 min reading time

Whether you own a small company or manage the facilities of a bigger one, you’ll quickly realise how much the little things in life matter. You may be wondering how on earth loo rolls can affect staff morale. Toilet paper is toilet paper, right? Well, you’d be surprised ...

Even something as small as having some plants around or offering free fruit can seriously boost employee morale ... and that directly impacts productivity!

Sadly, a lot of companies just don’t seem to care all that much about their employees’ well-being. They provide them with the bare minimum (and sometimes, not even that!), without realising how much it kills the motivation of their staff. Not cool!

Now, you might be wondering how on earth loo rolls can affect staff morale. Toilet paper is toilet paper, right? Well, you’d be surprised!

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Show Your Staff You Care

Which do you think leaves a better impression: a bathroom stocked with cheap, flimsy stuff, or one filled with high-quality goodies that were designed with comfort in mind?

When you deck out your bathroom with sugarcane loo rolls, it shows that you care about more than just the work your staff puts in – you care about their well-being too. Your employees will pick up on that, and their attitude towards you will skyrocket. Everyone wants to feel valued!

But it’s not just your staff who will notice the upgrade. Anybody who pops in, from clients to outside contractors, will take note. It’ll give your business reputation a boost and let everyone know that you go the extra mile to create a comfy workplace for both your team and visitors.

Good for the Planet

Take Some Steps Towards Sustainability

Sustainability is becoming more and more important to people, and that includes your employees. A 2023 study found that 80% of employees believe it’s crucial for businesses to prioritise sustainability practices and values in today’s society.

Your employees want to see the company they work for taking real, tangible steps towards being more sustainable. Stocking your bathroom with our sugarcane toilet rolls is a simple yet effective way to do just that!

Sugarcane loo rolls are the most sustainable type out there. They’re made from sugarcane fibre, a byproduct of sugar processing, and don’t contribute to deforestation in any way. Sugarcane also grows back super fast and doesn’t cause as much harm to the environment during processing. It also does a brilliant job of converting carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Basically, it’s an Eco Superstar!

Sugarcane toilet rolls are made from sustainably sourced sugarcane and are 100% plastic-free, so you can wave goodbye to unnecessary waste. By stocking your bathrooms with them, you’re not only playing your part towards a cleaner, greener future – you’re showing your commitment to both staff and visitors alike.

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No More Blocked Drains!

Nobody wants to stumble on a blocked drain at work. Not only are they a (costly) pain to deal with, but they’ll put your toilet out of commission for days, leaving your team high and dry. It’s especially bad when you’re working in a small place with just a few loos to go around. Not to mention, all those ‘Out of Order’ signs are a serious eyesore!

Luckily, sugarcane loo rolls are here to save the day. Unlike traditional wood-pulp rolls, our paper breaks down in a mere 4 seconds, ... way quicker than the 19-second industry standard for traditional toilet paper! Say goodbye to clogs and hello to toilets your staff can rely on. Plus, there’s no more plumber-induced delays messing with their productivity!

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Make Your Staff, Bank Balance and Planet Happy!

We hope you’ve got a better grasp of why the loo rolls you’ve stocked are a big deal. All that’s left to do? Make the switch!

Here at ShredPack, we believe in offering the perfect combo of sustainability and luxury. Our sugarcane toilet paper is super soft, gentle on the skin, and just as sturdy as the regular rolls. It’s also fragrance-free, making it a winner for people with sensitive skin.

Even better, they are designed to save you some serious cash in the long haul. There's over 900 sheets in each roll, and are more than likely cheaper than other "eco-friendly" brands. Forget about monthly restocking and enjoy the extra change in your pocket!

No matter if you’re all about employee comfort, sustainability, or sticking to your budget, sugarcane toilet paper is the future!


At ShredPack we care about eco-friendly sustainable and cost-effective business packaging. But equally important is your staff that use it! Therefore, ShredPack now also offers SugarCane Toilet Paper, Sugarcane Hand Towels along with cost-saving Feed Restrictor Dispensers for both; and Low Dosage Washroom Soap and Sanitisers.


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