The Increasing Popularity of Cardboard Shredders

The Increasing Popularity of Cardboard Shredders

, by Maeve Reidy, 1 min reading time

The easy, cost-saving, space-saving, planet-saving way to show your customers how eco-friendly your business really is!

With commerce becoming increasingly online and delivery-based, the more we can do to reduce the environmental impact of packaging and voidfill, the better!

As cardboard continues to be the box material of choice, often there is a readily available supply ... which is less overwhelming and space-hogging when being repurposed into eco-friendly packaging and voidfill material for products being sent to consumers.

By using a Cardboard Shredder, you can instantly create zero impact cardboard packaging and void fill by repurposing your waste cardboard boxes.

Being green, and making extremely good padding, it’s a Win-Win situation for those who choose to embrace this way of giving their cardboard a second life.

With such a focus surrounding sustainability nowadays, individuals and businesses alike are looking for better ways to package their products. Adopting sustainable techniques like upcycling used cardboard boxes by using a Cardboard Shredder, is without a doubt a very eco-friendly decision.

Shipping products using shredded cardboard also projects a very positive image for the supplier, as recipients understand that care has been taken to ship their product using eco-friendly packaging methods.

Ultimately, users of Cardboard Shredders can rest assured this is a real way to reduce landfill and move away from using plastic-based packaging products.

Why not contact ShredPack to find out more about our range of Cardboard Shredders!


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