Five Things to Consider when Choosing a Cardboard Shredder

Five Things to Consider when Choosing a Cardboard Shredder

, by Maeve Reidy, 3 min reading time

A Cardboard Shredder makes it easy to dispose of cardboard boxes and cartons that take up space and storage room. But sometimes the wide range of options can be more of a hindrance when choosing which shredder is best for your needs.

A cardboard shredder makes it easy to dispose of large boxes and cartons that take up space and storage room.

The process of choosing the correct cardboard shredder has to be carefully considered to ensure that the right one is selected to fit the needs of the materials, workers, and the size of the operation.

There are various factors to consider when deciding to purchase a cardboard shredder.


Expected Usage

One of the most important considerations in the selection process is to choose a cardboard shredder that fits the needs of your organisation and is flexible enough to adapt as your business grows.

It is also very useful to consider whether you want to make cardboard matting to wrap around your products, or whether you require cardboard strips to act as cushioning voidfill, as not all cardboard shredders do both.

At ShredPack, we have had occasions where we have recommended a Cardboard Shredder, but the customer chooses the most basic Shredder, only to realise that our suggestion was the better choice for their business!

Shredder Capacity

The capacity of a cardboard shredder refers to the number of sheets of cardboard it can shred at once and how thick the sheets can be. Industrial cardboard shredders can shred several thicknesses all at once, with some being able to shred fully assembled boxes.

Run Time

This is a critical factor, especially for multi shift operations where equipment is expected to operate several hours of the day. The run time is influenced by the amount of cardboard that needs to be processed. In shipping operations, the disposal of cardboard is a constant problem that has to be handled immediately for efficiency and to avoid cluttering areas. In manufacturing operations especially, goods-out and goods-in departments have to have a method for handling of cardboard.

Cardboard shredders have a motor attached to the rotors that rotate the blades to cut the cardboard. The run time of a shredder is determined by how long it can operate before the motor overheats and how long it takes for the motor to cool down.

Reduced Costs

In the purchasing decision, there may be a temptation to buy a cardboard shredder that costs less. This may be an error, in that a smaller device may cost less but not have the power and endurance to meet the working conditions. The size of the shredder has to meet the amount of work it is required to do. Though more powerful shredders may cost more, in the long run, their endurance, capacity, and efficiency increase their time of usefulness.

At ShredPack, often one of our first questions will be "What does your business do?" We can then guide you to the most appropriate cardboard shredders for your requirements, not just your purse strings!

Jam Proof

It is essential to select a cardboard shredder that is jam proof. Jamming can cause continual shut downs and work stoppages, which slows operations. The majority of cardboard shredders have jam proof mechanisms that enhance their efficiency. All shredders are also equipped with an Emergency Stop Button so that the operator can stop the machine instantly.

Overload Causing Overheating

The majority of industrial cardboard shredders have detectors that indicate an overload. It is a safety feature to let users know that they are passing too much cardboard through the machine or if the cardboard is too thick. It works in coordination with the jam prevention mechanism. Both features help in extending the life of the shredder.


The above are just five of the most common things a business has to think about ... your business may have other considerations, in which case, please do contact ShredPack where our knowledgeable team will be more than happy to help you with your choice of Cardboard Shredder.


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