Introducing MetalSistem Shelving

Introducing MetalSistem Shelving

, by Maeve Reidy, 1 min reading time

Highly stylish and extremely rugged, this shelving system is perfect for any requirement: indoor, outdoor, industrial, retail or even domestic! And with extremely easy boltless assembly, it is a great choice for storage!

Manufactured in Italy since 1970, MetalSistem Super-123 Shelving is a very stylish but hardworking shelving system ideal for industrial, retail and domestic settings.

metalsistem shelving     Metalsistem shelving

The key features of the fully adjustable Super-123 system have evolved from rigorous technical testing. With highly specialised knowledge of metal processing developed over the intervening years, this experience has enabled MetalSistem to create a highly technical product ideally suited to solve the most common shelving problems: stability, high load-bearing capacity, and rapid assembly.

Don't be fooled by the lightweight look of this shelving system ... with each shelf loading capacity from 140kg up to 205kg, this shelving system can store quite a lot!

It's stylish galvanised steel construction means that these shelves are at home anywhere - indoors, outdoors, industrial, retails or even domestic settings.

metalsistem shelving     metalsistem super-123 shelving

One key feature is the boltless assembly. No more fiddling with screws, bolts, screwdrivers or drills! Each component can be easily and quickly slid into place, and just a few taps from a hammer will ensure that it stays in place.

Everybody likes to be individual, and the Super-123 shelving system can be just as unique as you are! With upright pitches every 33mm, you can place your shelves pretty much exactly where you want them! Not only that, the modular element of the system means that once you have a Starter Unit, you can add as many additional bays as you need!

ShredPack offers Starter Units in eight different widths and depths, with four shelves as standard. Additional shelves can also be purchased so that you can configure your shelving system exactly the way that works best for you.


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