Truly Eco-Friendly Toilet Paper for your Green Flag School!

Truly Eco-Friendly Toilet Paper for your Green Flag School!

, by Maeve Reidy, 4 min reading time

With Green Flag Schools around Ireland embracing Climate Action Week this week, an often-forgotten aspect is whether the toilet paper in the school bathrooms is truly eco-friendly.

Apparently everybody should look back on their schooldays with fondness.

Education is a really wonderful thing, and there are some marvellous teachers out there, helping us to grow, mature and increase our brainpowers! And there are some fantastic initiatives these days, not least the Green Flag Schools which help the adults of tomorrow understand and appreciate the natural world around them.


But one often-forgotten area in the school is the bathrooms - how eco-friendly is the toilet paper in there?!


Maeve Admission Time: Attending school in the 1970s and 1980s was not as idyllic as you might imagine! As politely as possible, the nuns seemed wedded to the maxim of "Spare The Rod, Spoil the Child" (mind you, although there weren't outright canings, I vividly remember the nun who taught me French, walloping the daylights out of any wrongdoers with an old rock-hard stick of french baguette!!!)

And don't get me started on the school bathrooms!

It is no wonder that the School Nurse would be brought in to administer Syrup of Figs to us all ... I'm not sure whether the tracing-paper toilet paper was chosen for it's double-duty for art class or geography maps class, but it certainly made us hold everything in until we got home to our own loos!

I fervently hope that the torture instrument that was Izal Toilet Paper is a thing of schooldays best left in the past!


But what about schools these days? And the school bathrooms?

Are the toilets still getting blocked (what child isn't mesmerised by the whirl of the water as whatever is being flushed away?!) ... Are you getting through rolls of toilet paper like there's a schoolwide epidemic of galloping trots?! ... Is your toilet paper as eco-friendly as your Green Flag status says you should be??

There have been plenty of recycled toilet paper products out there. These days, there's even bamboo toilet paper (unfortunately with vast swathes of natural habitats being destroyed for the sake of bamboo crops) but none of these are quite get the an-mhaith ar fad gold star that every student craves ... until now.


Sugarcane Toilet Paper is truly the EcoHero for your Green Flag School!

Sugarcane is primarily grown for it's sugar-rich juices. Ordinarily the leftover fibres would either be sent to landfill or burned for fuel (not exactly eco-friendly!),

However the leftover fibres (known as "bagasse") can be instead used to manufacture toilet paper. The naturally-occurring short fibres of bagasse makes sugarcane toilet paper incredibly soft and extremely absorbent. Not only that, it breaks down just 4 seconds after flushing - the industry standard is 19 seconds - so poor Mr Murphy the caretaker, won't be ankle-deep dealing with blocked toilets!

Our sugarcane toilet paper is not only made from sustainable sourced toilet paper, but is packaged in 100% plastic-free easy-to recycle wrappers. Not only that, each roll is double the length of other toilet papers out there which limits the number of journeys we have to make, reducing carbon emissions during transportation! With all these savings, you may even find that our sugarcane toilet paper is more cost-effective than your current brand!

I think there might be another Maeve Admission Time coming ... The toilet paper dispensers for our sugarcane toilet paper incorporate an ingenious dosage restrictor which means that you're reminded of just how much toilet paper you're using ... so, ahem, the days of robbing a loo roll from the school bathroom to wrap around the statue of St Joseph on the roof of the school won't happen without a LOT more bored-schoolkid planning, if ever!

Every teacher, teaching assistant and principal knows the importance of teaching children the importance of sustainability and eco-friendly practices: from encouraging in-season food for lunches to reducing litter and waste. So why not include extremely eco-friendly sugarcane toilet paper?!

You can contact Gillian in ShredPack at 025-47147 to find out just how easy it is to switch to the EcoHero that is sugarcane toilet paper.


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