How Much Sugarcane Toilet Paper Should You Use?

How Much Sugarcane Toilet Paper Should You Use?

, by Maeve Reidy, 5 min reading time

It's one of those things that nobody thinks about. It's a totally natural bodily function that everybody does ... but have you ever considered how much toilet paper you use for this 100% normal activity?

Toilet Paper.

It is used (primarily!) for a completely natural bodily function that everybody does. Yet very few people consider how much they use.

It's often forgotten about, or talked about in hushed tones (except of course, during the First Covid Lockdown when there were Toilet Paper Riots in the shops! LOL!)

But seriously, have you ever considered just how much toilet paper you use? Or should use?

How much Toilet Paper Do I Use?

Before you consider how much toilet paper you use, you need to work out how often the average person goes to the toilets - which can be anything from 4-10 times per day. Of course, there are other factors you need to consider such as water intake, pregnancy, gender, age and medical conditions.

As far as toilet paper usage, this equates to approximately 8.6 sheets per bathroom visit, or roughly 57 sheets per day. With roughly 150 sheets per domestic toilet paper roll, this means 2-3 rolls of toilet paper per week per person.

The above figures are based on one person who is in the comfort of their own home. In public/workplaces it's discussed in even more hushed tones, or cute euphemisms like "popping to the little girls room" or "off for a wander" and many people simply refuse to, erm, let it all go if it's not their own bathroom! So if you're working in an office or at school, you could use less toilet paper.

It's also worth mentioning that due to women's anatomy, at certain times of the month they'll use slightly more toilet paper, while men seem to naturally use a lot less. Studies at MIT University (only Americans could think of studying this sort of thing!) says that although the average person will use approximately 8.6 sheets per bathroom visit, men will use 17.2 sheets per day while women could use 76.2 sheets of toilet paper per day.

bathroom habits

Where Does It Go?

Are you a Flush-And-Forget-It type person? Or perhaps you have consciously decided to have a Compost Toilet so that it can be used in your garden?

At ShredPack Dublin Headquarters (affectionately known as "home"!) we're in an ex-Council house with drains that are at least 60 years old. Added to that, the mains water supply is shared between houses ... so it goes without saying that Unbeatable Drains have been a regular visitor to our house over the years!

On the other hand, ShredPack Cork Headquarters (also affectionately referred to as "home"!) is in a rural location, so there's the challenge of a septic tank to contend with.

Is There a Solution? ... Or Even An Eco-Friendly Solution?!

So we now know how much the average person uses. And the challenges of where it goes. So is there a solution? In this day and age, dare we wonder if there's an eco-friendly solution?

ShredPack has a solution!

Our range of FIG Sugarcane Toilet Paper could be the solution you have been looking for! Sugarcane has to be close to one of the top Eco-Hero candidates on Earth! Sugarcane is one of the top plants on the planet that converts carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. As a plant, you can harvest from it multiple times (unlike trees) to extract sugar. The leftover by-product (called "bagasse") can be used for fuel (a bit like turf briquette usage in Ireland) But FIG have discovered that it can easily be converted into toilet paper tissue instead. The unique organic make-up of sugarcane fibres means extremely soft but highly absorbing paper, that starts to break down after flushing in just 4 seconds (the "industry standard" is 19 seconds) which means good news for whichever sewerage system you have!

Not only that, the boffins at FIG have been hard at work, looking at the average person's toileting habits!

The Psychology of Toileting

Anybody who has trained a child from nappies to using the toilet knows that it's like riding a bicycle ... once you know where to go(!) there is very little thought-processes involved. That's because toileting is one of life's necessary requirements, like breathing or your beating heart. Unlike concentrating to balance on one leg or holding a particular yoga pose, there are very few things to think about when you're in the bathroom! Conveniently, there is (usually!) toilet paper in there with you to keep your mind occupied.

The average person, when confronted with a free-flowing unimpeded roll of toilet paper will take a length of toilet paper three times. That's three times wrapped around the hand, or three loops of variable sizes ... you're really not thinking about exactly how many sheets you're using!

The ingenious dosage restrictors in the compatible Fig sugarcane toilet paper dispensers means that there's plenty of toilet paper available for every toileting eventuality(!) but you'll find that you waste less toilet paper!

happy toilet


Nobody wants to get bogged down (pardon the pun!) in calculating exactly how much toilet paper they are flushing away each time they use the bathroom! And while everyone would like to be as eco-friendly as they possibly can be, sometimes the toilet gets forgotten about! By switching to sugarcane toilet paper from ShredPack, you can rest easy!




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