Need extra warehouse space ... that's actually affordable?

Need extra warehouse space ... that's actually affordable?

, by Maeve Reidy, 5 min reading time

Need extra warehouse space? You could always rent or buy a new premises, but that could be expensive ... there may be another solution!

It's a Catch-22 Situation ... your warehouse is full to the gills not only with the products that you sell, but also with the packaging required to ship your products. And available space to expand the range of products you want to sell is at a premium!

So now your looking at purchasing or renting a larger premises. But these days they're as rare as hens' teeth ... and let's not mention the cost which could seriously dent your carefully managed profit margins!

And what about the added fuel required to travel to your new premises? Chances are that your new warehouse will be miles away from where you and your staff work. So you'll also have to put up with the daily disgruntled moans about longer commutes to and from work!

There may be a solution staring you in the face ...

Have you considered all that space that your packaging takes up? What about that mezzanine level that you built while you were closed during Covid Lockdown, but is now stuffed with bulky bubble wrap and not much else? Could that space be used better? YES!!

What if there was a packaging solution that took up a fraction of the space needed for bulky bubble wrap?


Activate the Activa!

If your product is fairly robust, and not especially damageable or smashable, you may be using traditional bubble wrap for it's voidfill, rather than protective qualities.

Introducing Activa Wrap!

activa wrap kit     space saving activa wrap

With it's unique honeycomb construction, this Activa Wrap is an excellent alternative to traditional voidfill. It also takes up very little space (see our shop display model above, complete with bottle of water for perspective!) Not only that, one roll of Activa Wrap is the equivalent to three whole bales of bubble wrap! A great space-saving option!


Ditch the Bubble Wrap for Bubl!

If your product is more fragile, you may be tempted to use lots and lots of bubble wrap and packing beans to combat the amount of damaged deliveries. But this eats into your profit margins (not to mention needing to store lots of packing beans and bubble wrap!)

Introducing Bubl Packaging

Bubl Packaging   Bubl pallet

Bubl Packaging is an innovative eco-friendly packaging solution that uses air to cushion products in transit. Stored uninflated, they take up minimal space ... the pallet above has enough Bubl Packaging for over 12,000 items! One pallet of Bubl Packaging could replace six 40' containers of packing beans! Once you've unloaded those 40' containers of packing beans, they need a lot of warehouse space to be stored!

Not only is Bubl Packaging a fantastic space-saving packaging solution, it is very simple to use, with just the aid of an air compression unit (or even a straw!) Completely enveloping your products in a protective cushion of air, your damaged delivery rate will disappear. It can be used for everything from mobile phones, iPads, laptops, and wine bottles. No matter the size or how fragile it is, there is a Bubl solution!


Tackling the Scary No-Go Corner of the Warehouse ...

If your products are delivered to you from your supplier in cardboard boxes (most are) then chances are that you have a "Scary Corner" in your warehouse, filled with a growing, expanding pile of used cardboard boxes! Add in your cardboard waste bins that are almost always overflowing, it is a Scary No-Go Corner that takes up valuable space in your warehouse!

waste cardboard

Ditch the Dump ...

Every time you walk past the monstrosity that is slowly but surely taking over your valuable warehouse space, you inwardly weep. You pray that no visitor to your business will ever see it. And every time you pay for your bins to be emptied, there's at least 3 binloads of used cardboard still waiting to be put into the bins!

But what if, by making just ONE decision, you could reclaim all that warehouse space, reduce your waste cardboard bin charges AND create free voidfill to use when shipping out your products?

Introducing Cardboard Shredders


Taking up a surprisingly small amount of space, a Cardboard Shredder will effortlessly shred your waste cardboard into useful cardboard matting or strips that can then be used as voidfill for your parcels. And because you are actually using all that waste cardboard, you could even reduce the number of bins that you need pay for!  In addition, your customers will see that you have made a demonstrable commitment to use eco-friendly packaging for your business! With a wide range of Cardboard Shredder Machines available to suit any business, and with pricing options from as little as €22 per week, this could be the answer to your problems!


Perhaps you do actually need additional warehouse space. But perhaps you just need to look at how much valuable space your packaging is taking up! If so, ShredPack are more than happy to help you with your (space-saving!) packaging requirements.


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